Roofing Repair in Atlanta, GA


Roof problems can be among the most stressful home improvement issues. Whether you’re dealing with a leak, missing shingles, pooling water, or damage from a storm, roof issues demand urgent attention from a highly qualified roofer in Atlanta, GA.

The Qualified Group puts over 30 years of experience into every roof job, and our team will work with you to ensure your roof gets the repairs that allow it to protect your family and possessions for the long term.

Roofing Repair & Maintenance

A poorly maintained roof provides inadequate protection for your building and your business. Through routine maintenance as well as roofing repair in Atlanta, GA, The Qualified Group can help ensure that your roof holds up through the years and remains a safe and secure element of your building.

Types of issues we regularly repair:

$250 Roof Special

This repair requires us to be able to do the repair with the materials in our service vehicle and does not require a return trip at a later date. 1 year money-back warranty, 3 year money-back or credit warranty toward a full roof or larger repair

Insurance Claims

If you have ever woken up to water pouring down on your valuables or came home to find a tree has fallen onto your home, our emergency roof repair services can move quickly to help get your roof watertight and remediate any water from the home.

Depending on the weather, we may choose to temporarily tarp your roof to prevent further leaks. Once the weather has returned to a safe working condition for our service team, we can return and complete your repair.

Roof Cleaning & Maintenance

Numerous leaks are caused by debris backing up in the gutters, in valleys, and in tight, congested areas on your roof. Roof cleaning is recommended on a yearly basis and sometimes may be included in our $250 repair special.

Moss, mildew, and roof streaking solutions are available.


People hate leaky skylights. We have replaced over a thousand skylights, and our skylights DO NOT LEAK! We have created a system to install skylights so that they will never fail. If your skylight leaks, we would love to replace it or repair it for you.

Ice Dams

Do not let someone ruin your roof by removing an ice dam with a sharp object. We will remove your ice dam without ruining your roof, using steam or other proven techniques. The common misconception is that if you add ventilation and insulation, it will fix your ice dam. This is not true in over 50% of ice dam situations. We have designed heated systems for both roofing and gutters to permanently solve your ice problem. We also use ventilation, insulation, sheet metal eaves, and other solutions where ice dams form.

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