Residential Roofing

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements, and it plays a key role in keeping your family comfortable and safe, regardless of the season or what might be happening outdoors. This is why, when you need roof repair or roof replacement in Atlanta, GA, you need a team you can trust to provide guidance, high-quality workmanship, and friendly customer service.

Residential roofing can be confusing when choosing a roof style, color, contractor, and the many other options you are presented with. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have; we are more than happy to answer them so you can make an informed decision. At The Qualified Group, advice is always free.

Standard Residential Roofing Package
Tear Off and Replacement

When tearing off an existing roof, we protect the house and landscaping with plywood and tarps. With residential roofing, we tear off the roof down to plywood, at which time we repair any rotted wood and install ice and water shield to all eves, trouble areas, valleys, and penetrations. We then install new drip edges, titanium felt, and new shingles. New flashings are followed by a ridge vent and cap. We magnetize the entire job for nails and clean up spotless. Each job is finished with a final walkthrough and inspection.


A roofover is an option to be considered under certain circumstances. Each roof is allowed to have two layers of shingles with all the same warranties and life expectancies but at 15 to 20% less cost.

Roofovers have gotten a bad rep because people do not do them properly. There are specific guidelines to follow set by the manufacturers. Such as tearing the shingles out and replacing all penetrations and transitions. not just roof around them, as so many people do. The existing shingles are then used as an underlayment. I believe a roofover, under the right circumstances, is better than a tear-off. I have done hundreds of roofovers over the last 30 years with no complaints. 3 of which were my own personal homes.

Insurance Claims

Make sure you talk to a roofer before you call your insurance company to file a claim.

If you have water coming into your roof and don’t install a tarp, it may be the difference between insurance paying for a small repair and paying for a full roof. Feel free to call us; advice is always free, even if we are not doing the roof. We can walk you through the entire insurance process.

Emergency services are available.

New Construction

The new construction schedule fluctuates for numerous reasons.

We schedule new construction in the order in which it is ready. We will dry the roof in completely as soon as it is ready for us, so that mechanicals can be installed and inspected in a leak-free environment. We will then schedule the shingle installation in the order your roof was put on the schedule. With our immense workforce, most jobs are not left undone for long, if at all.

Blown Insulation

We install blown-in insulation for less than half the cost of most insulation companies. The reason for this is because we have access to the entire attack while the roof is being torn off. Most houses under 2,000 square feet can be fully insulated with blown-in fiberglass for well under $1500. For under $1/sq ft.

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